Fuel cells are devices which generate electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. They do not release electricity stored within them as do commonly used batteries.

Fuel cells, which produce electricity directly from chemical reactions, are more environmentally friendly than other sources such as oil, coal, or nuclear fuel, and also create less vibration and noise. As only water is discharged during energy generation, fuel cells are safe to use within structures and in urban areas and are relatively problem-free.

As heat and electricity are simultaneously produced, fuel cells offer greater efficiency when used in heating/cooling and hot water systems. Fuel cells are expected to see increasing usage in offices, homes, cars, and ships in addition to power generation facilities, as a clean energy source with minimal environmental burden.

KANKI offers fuel cells which are indispensable to a hydrogen society, along with operating advice. Our next-generation clean-energy suggestions for hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen production equipment help create enhanced corporate value for our clients. We invite anyone with even modest interest in fuel cells to contact us.