KANKI provides consultation on assembly processing to ensure that clients’ varied needs are met. Our services span all aspects of manufacturing, from component procurement to special processing and assembly.

Assembly processing refers to the process of assembling components. While manufacturing includes many machining processes, the many components must ultimately be consolidated into a single final product. This final step is known as the assembly process.

The assembly process is supplemented by a sub-assembly process. While the final process which readies a product for sale is known as the assembly process, the preceding step is referred to as the sub-assembly process. In other words, if parts A and B must be joined to create the completed product, the assembly of parts C and D to create part A is known as sub-assembly processing, with the ultimate assembly of parts A and B known as assembly processing.

By outsourcing these assembly and sub-assembly processes, we aim to achieve broad savings in cost and work-hours as well as improved operational efficiency. KANKI’s prioritization of domestic operations enables more reliable assembly processing. Serving as a consolidated contact point for all assembly-related tasks, we enable significant reductions in the time and effort required for client-side management. KANKI also offers special processing leveraging advanced domestic technology, facilitating both high-quality and efficient manufacturing.