Emergency lighting fixtures must be installed in accordance with both the Building Standards Law and the Fire Services Act. Emergency lighting fixtures, which enable initial evacuation during disasters, play an important role in ensuring the safety of those living in facilities and residences.

Whether you need to replace aging fixtures or are seeking new and highly reliable emergency lighting, we strongly encourage you to consider LED emergency lighting fixtures.

Incandescent and fluorescent lights were once the only lighting sources available for use as emergency lighting. Based on revisions to rules stipulated by the Ministry of Construction, usage of LED emergency lighting is now permitted. 

Replacing conventional fluorescent lighting with LED in emergency lighting fixtures enables a more than 50% reduction in power usage and savings of several thousand yen per maintenance payment. Moreover, use of a remote-controlled, self-inspection function allows several fixtures to be checked simultaneously, yielding great reductions in time and effort when compared to conventional inspections.

LED emergency lighting fixtures thus allow not only cost reductions, but greater maintenance efficiency. Please do not hesitate to contact a KANKI representative if you are considering updating your emergency lighting fixtures.