KANKI stands ready to serve businesses with defined issues and needs, as well as those looking for initial consultation or advice on which products, among the many available, best suit their situation. We welcome inquiries in every area, from electrical installations and heating/ventilation/air-conditioning to motors and devices.

KANKI consistently strives to contribute to client prosperity with ideas for optimal spatial comfort leveraging cutting-edge technology and knowledge.

KANKI’s corporate strengths naturally include sales of diversified electronic devices and equipment, electrical heat/air-conditioning installation, and provision of globally sourced IT and IoT products, while providing meticulous service and robust negotiating capability.

The corporate expertise accumulated since our establishment in 1948 has enabled KANKI’s commitment to provide value to manufacturers, clients, end-users, and others, thereby contributing to their prosperity.

Client needs and usage environments are as varied as the lighting, ventilation and heating/air-conditioning products required to serve them. Key phrases such as “energy conservation,” “low-carbon,” and “cost reductions” are now in the spotlight, requiring technology and equipment which are user-friendly and environmentally sound as well as comfortable. KANKI is responsive to these current needs through consideration for the environment and provision of equipment and technology supporting a safe and reliable lifestyle.