The air conditioning utilized in offices and commercial buildings greatly impacts the health and performance of those at work within. In consideration of the comfort of those visiting offices and commercial establishments, KANKI recommends high-performance building multi-type air conditioning (BILMUL) systems and precision air conditioning systems (PACs) which offer benefits additional to merely regulating room temperature.

The days of air conditioners simply controlling room temperature are now gone. Products today are increasingly suppressing viruses and allergens, automatically regulating humidity, deodorizing, and enhancing hair and skin care.

Moreover, in addition to ensuring that air quality provides a comfortable lifestyle and protects health, air conditioners are now expected to offer easy maintenance. IoT, which links things and the internet, supports malfunction prediction, all-purpose maintenance, and energy visualization. Building owners and maintenance companies are delighted with our provision of machines which can be monitored at any time, from any location.

KANKI’s solutions to wide-ranging needs work together with builders, construction companies, and air quality control/air conditioning contractors to ensure a comfortable air-conditioning environment. We invite corporate entities searching for safe and secure spaces, or reductions in labor and electricity cost, to contact KANKI for assistance.