The recent shift toward a decarbonized society has brought a soaring demand for EV chargers. Corporate entities requiring an electrical infrastructure to support a future electric vehicle society, or hoping to attract environmentally conscious enterprises, are welcome to consult KANKI for assistance.

EV chargers are devices which supply power to electric vehicles (EVs) which are powered by an electric motor which has no internal combustion engine. The two types of chargers (normal and quick) are easily accessible not only at home, but also at locations such as commercial establishments, leisure facilities, and gas stations.

Several other types of electric vehicles are also garnering attention, including:

  1. HEV (hybrid electric vehicle): requires no charging as they recharge themselves while running on gasoline
  2. PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle: draws on the merits of EVs and HEVs
  3. V2H (vehicle-to-home): not a car, but rather a system linking power between the home and car through efficient use of solar power generation

As these vehicles using electric power become the norm, introduction of EV chargers will evolve into an increasingly familiar issue.

KANKI offers expertise with a broad range of solutions, including normal and quick chargers, V2H products suited to solar power generation, subsidy usage, and installation of emergency storage batteries. We also provide worry-free assistance to first-time EV users.

When installing a quick charger, a cubicle is necessary as the charger requires a high-voltage power supply.