DC Motors & DC Brushless Motors

DC Motors & DC Brushless Motors


KANKI leverages our extensive network of trading companies to provide clients with a range of DC motors optimized for specific needs. We additionally offer large-lot, small-lot, and custom-ordered products to fit an array of purposes.

There are various types of motors available, but in general, motors are operated by a mechanism that generates a magnetic field and turns the motor by passing the internal N pole and S pole magnetic force and current. Motors that use a direct-current power source are called DC motors.

There are two types of DC motors: brushed and brushless. A brushed DC motor uses a device called a commutator, while the brushless DC motor uses an electronic circuit.

Brushed motors have the advantage of being simple to control and handle, though they wear out easily and require maintenance as well as attention to electrical noise and industrial noise. They are utilized in a variety of applications, from electrical appliances to large industrial plants.

Brushless motors, on the other hand, have low abrasion, long life, high-speed rotation performance and trackability, as well as high responsiveness. However, they tend to be costly, and are often used in products in which minimal maintenance and low noise is desired.

KANKI offers a wide range of DC motors used in equipment such as air conditioners and agricultural machinery. Whether you seek high-performance motors or require details on which motors suits meet your needs, KANKI is ready to serve.